Everland 65x51mm Skateboard Wheels Review

Everland 65x51mm Skateboard Wheels Review

Until now we discussed how fast a skate truck can go and how comfortable it will feel while being ridden, but riding doesn’t depend solely on the trucks. The piece that connects the surface which you ride on with your skate trucks is the skate wheel. Now, you might think that wheels are nothing but round hard objects hardly varying in sizes and not vital to your experience at all. It is quite the opposite actually. Skate wheels come in different sizes and are made from different materials which contribute to the different stiffness/softness of the wheel itself. For example, if you want your skate to be higher you can get a wheel between 55 and 60mm (diameter) which will make your acceleration slower but will increase your maximum speed and you will be able to go through rough surfaces without the discomfort of bumpy rides. If you skate on asphalt, skatepark or a bowl (with smooth surfaces) you can get the 50-53mm wheels. They will give you amazing acceleration and will bring the height and weight of your skateboard down a notch. Either way, you get the point why wheels aren’t to be neglected when you are building your own skateboard. Let’s dive deeper by reviewing a few skate wheel models, shall we?

Everland 65x51mm Skateboard Wheels

Everland Skateboard Wheels is a kind of product that has the potential to attract viewers by its sleek design that comes in various colors to ensure that users never leave their funky side aside. These wheels have a 51 mm diameter. However, what makes them great and a must-have product is their ability to handle flips and cornering extremely well. It is a suitable product for street use as well. Few wheels can stay sturdy even on the streets.

The Everlands are outlined to last for a long time. Moreover, the company has been a reliable source for getting wheels for many skateboarders around the world. The name of the company itself is enough to make skateboarders decide to stick with Everland 65x51mm Skateboard Wheels for further enhancing their skateboarding experience.

Everland 65x51mm Skateboard Wheels Overview and Features

Everland 65x51mm Skateboard Wheels come with a shipping weight of 1.18 pounds and a size of 65x51mm where 51mm signifies the diameter. The set of four cruiser wheels is manufactured by Everland with the sole purpose of making your longboard and skateboard cruisers stay smooth on rough roads.

These skateboard wheels are made up using polyurethane, a material that is widely known for providing good grip, excellent shock absorption and offering longevity in riding without any disturbing noise that could affect your riding experience. The durability, build, and design are going to impress every skater out there. Everland is a reliable brand that has devoted its attention to enhancing the experience of users. These wheels are highly reliable and have all the good qualities that a skateboard wheel should have which is high stability, high reliability and longevity accompanied with little to no noise while rolling.

Everland 65x51mm Skateboard Wheels Pros and Cons

Everland 65x51mm Skateboard Wheels

Pros: These wheels come with nice bearings and spacers that ensure the stability even on rough roads. No matter the terrain you are skating on, these guys will keep your ride pleasant.

As hinted in the brand name, lasting long is a major point here. They are robust and durable. Not only strength but size also plays a vital role in their high stability. This exact size allows you to enjoy a comfy ride while cruising and feel more comfortable on your board when skating on some rough skate spots.

The fine quality of Everland Wheels allows the user to perform various tricks with the skateboard. Don’t expect them to do the magic for you though. The key to a good ride is to ride safely after all.  However, the insane stability and sturdiness of these wheels are never going to betray you.

As these wheels come in various color options, with the best-being stone ground clear blue, you have a lot of options. You just need to choose the color that matches your style and purchase it accordingly.

Cons: The whole point of the review of these wheels until now was to make them shine in your eyes. However, in the pursuit of the becoming the smoothest skateboard wheels in the market, the company has made an absolute mistake. Even though riding on a skateboard with Everland 65x51mm Skateboard Wheels is truly fascinating, you might find that they are a tad too smooth for street use. You might wonder why would that be an issue. Well, not feeling the surface you are riding on might disconnect you from the feeling of what is happening beneath your feet, though this feeling is entirely limited and people would not even notice it while riding. Apart from the previously mentioned con, we saw a few people complaining that these wheels also have a weird smell when bought new. Except for these individual cons, this is surely a great buy and the closest to the word ‘perfect’.

Are These Wheels Worth A Try?

Let’s wrap up and send some more details your way. The main bearings of the wheels are quite tight which is always a good thing. You might notice that they are uneven (smallest of degrees), though, this is not going to affect your ride. However, all things aside, the reason why Everland stands out with this product from the competition is the value for money ratio. For that price, forget about finding anything nearly as good.

As if the value for money factor was not enough to tempt you, these wheels know no boundaries when it comes to terrain versatility as well. They will run smoothly on all kind of surfaces, though, it’s advised not to use them to ride on heavy terrains with big cracks. After all, you are not an all-terrain vehicle. Having the looks and the attributes as well as coming at that price makes it insane not getting these. It just is the complete package.

Everland 65x51mm Skateboard Wheels Conclusion and Rating

These wheels are designed to stand the test of time and the roughness of your daily urban terrain. Purchasing this product, you’ll bring home four cruiser wheels that have an impeccable durability and build quality. You can rely on these skate wheels to last long and aid you in skating on various types of terrains, from rough to smooth, it can ride on everything.  If you get all of these features at this low rate, why should you hold back? Just go ahead and grab a set of these amazing wheels!

Consumers who bought this product gave it a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

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