FORESTONE Blank/Natural Skateboard Decks – 8.0 inches Review

FOREStone BlankNatural Skateboard Decks 8.0 Inches Review

Skateboarding is gaining its momentum nowadays, all thanks to the younger generations. It has not only become a great way of amusement but also a competitive extreme sport filled with competitions, sponsorships, teams and even world championships. Safety is the number one priority, of course. Main safety measures a person can take are buying protective gear such as elbow protectors, knee protectors, and a helmet. When it comes to being stable on the skateboard, though, a crucial role is being played by the board (deck) itself. For better stabilization and balance, you’ll need a deck that would stay stable and provide you with enough space for skating and the guys at Forestone offer exactly that. Their decks are what the skateboarders want: enough space and better balance.

Forestone provide an excellent platform for beginners to come up and use the decks to ride safely in the parks as well as in the streets. No matter where you want to go these decks are the perfect companions. The tail and nose of the deck have a generous upturn with the nose having just a bit more upturn compared to the tail. The surface of this deck also has a mild concave compared to others on the market.

FORESTONE Blank/Natural Skateboard Decks – 8.0 inches-Medium Concave Overview and Features

As we already mentioned it this deck provides a great platform for beginners to enter the skateboarding field. The lower tail kick off the board is going to make the Ollie learning process easier than ever, so say goodbye to the countless days of trying to push that tail too hard!

The blank decks manufactured by Forestone come in only one size that is already mentioned in its name. The 8-inch wide blank provides enough space to the riders for gaining a memorable skateboarding experience. There was a time when an 8-inch wide board was considered to be enormous. However, we are in the age where 8.5 is considered trendy. However, you don’t need to worry as an 8-inch wide board is going to be perfect for your use. Just have in mind that buying an 8in deck will pretty much force you to get some wider trucks (not 7.5” for example which will be like tiny legs on a giant body with that deck size).

The width of the blank makes it one of the best boards for flipping as the board is relatively skinny because of having less mass. The lightness of the deck makes it easier to spin with no requirement of considerable force. If you are someone who around a young age like 12-16 years, for example, you are going to love these decks.

FORESTONE Blank/Natural Skateboard Decks – 8.0 inches-Medium Concave Pros and Cons

FORESTONE Blank:Natural Skateboard Decks - 8.0 inches-Medium ConcavePros: The mild concave foot of the deck allows for easy foot movement. Also, the mellow kick tail and nose would greatly help you in learning ollies and the following tricks. The 8-inch width of the deck is a great starting point as well.

The mild concave is a great advantage to have for your deck. It allows you not trap your feet in place ultimately enabling you to make easier bails.

It is a skinny board with less mass. It fits well for anyone who is 12-year old or older. The 8-inch width of the deck is going to provide you with enough space for skating and have a memorable experience while doing so.

Cons: It is one of the best decks available in the market, but it comes with an absolute downside. It is not favorable to use for people who are younger than 12 years old. However, to put it in better words, it is not actually a downside but just a certain age thing that comes in between whenever you are buying a deck. It is not suitable for those who are relatively younger. You can opt for a 7.5-inch board instead of this 8 inch one due to the lesser size and weight.

It does not possess the best adhesive quality compared to other decks. Also, if you are looking out for a deck to perform simple tricks, then this one is a perfect deck for you. However, if you want to perform more sophisticated tricks (tre flips, hardflips, etc.), then it might not be the best choice out there.

Is This Deck Worth A Try?

If you are just enjoying skating then the answer is really “yes”. Once you get deeper into the skate world, being able to perform higher end tricks, this kind of decks will stop being satisfactory. In today’s world, most of the teens require a board for street use as they go on performing tricks now and then. For this – it’s perfect. It is easy on the regular flips as well, so add that.

This deck is relatively stronger and environment-friendly. With so many aspects acting in favor of it, you have no reason to ignore it. If you can ignore the adhesive quality and you are over an age of let’s say 14, you shouldn’t even look further. In the end, here we have a naturally colored maple deck 8-inch wide waiting for you to grip tape it and get on with skating! No matter whether you want a deck for practicing simple tricks or just want to go out for a regular stroll, this beauty is going to stay healthy and offer you everything that you want. Also, the price. It is something you cannot ignore. At this price rate, no downside can be a deal breaker!

FORESTONE Blank/Natural Skateboard Decks – 8.0 inches-Medium Concave Conclusion and Rating

The advantages of this product pretty much forced us to put it here alongside everything else. It has a mild concave that is going to make it easier for the rider to perform tricks and countless many more peculiarities which make it an all-rounder. However, it should be stated again that it is not an ideal deck for performing complex tricks. Therefore, if you want a deck for regular skating and simple tricks, this is the right choice.

Consumers who bought this product gave it a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars.

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