How To Remove Skateboard Bearings

How to Remove Skateboard Bearings

When your skateboard wheels are not spinning smoothly and making disturbing noises, it becomes an essential practice to either clean or removes and replace your wheel bearings. The whole process takes just a few minutes. You can churn those minutes down even more by following these simple steps. However, make sure that you clean your bearings with a rag and some cleaning solvent. Don’t forget to lubricate them before attaching them back into your wheels.

Prepare Your Tools

As it is mentioned in the context, removing skateboard bearings is a very straightforward process. Many shops even provide special tools to make the process even easier. However, you need to be careful while removing skateboard bearings as any mistake could result in you accidentally damaging your wheels. At first, simply grab a set of screwdrivers and wrenches or any skate tool.

Take Off the Wheels

You’ll need to use a skate tool or a wrench that is around ½” (i.e. 13mm) in size as most of the wheel nuts present on the board are usually of that size. Use any of these two tools to remove the nut on the end of the axle. If you don’t have a skate tool or a wrench, just use a crescent of the same size for that. Repeat the same process for all four wheels of the board. Put nuts in a place where you can find them quickly as you’ll need them back in future. However, if you know the wheel that is causing issues for you, just remove the nut and bearings of that particular wheel only.

Slide the Wheel

Once you’re done with the second step, you can move on ahead to slide the wheel(s) to the end of the axle. Remember that you’ll use the axle for prying the bearings out of the wheel. Thus, ensure that you don’t slide the wheel all the way out of the axle. Just slide the wheel towards the end of the axle so that the wheel is hooked on it. If you’re using a skate tool for removing bearings from your board, then you can simply use the bearing puller present on the tool to remove the bearings instead of using an axle for performing the same process. However, if you’re using a bearing puller, you have to take the wheel entirely off the axle. Once again, ensure that you keep washers in a visible place instead of throwing them around. Afterwards, hook the tip of the axle in contention inside the bearings. Make sure that it only touched the bearing and not the wheel.

Pry the Bearing

Remove Skateboard Bearings

After hooking the axle rod tip barely inside the bearing, gently pry the wheel away from the truck. After that, place your fingers on the top of the wheel and place heel of your hand on the bottom part of the outside of the wheel. After putting your fingers and heel at the right place, use some leverage to pry the bearing out of the wheel. Do this as slowly as much you can. They won’t pop out right away but they will pop out eventually. Careful though, as you might damage the bearing by pulling too hard. However, if you intend to remove and throw away the bearings then you can apply as much force as you want. In case you want to reuse these bearings later on then pry gently. On the other hand, if you’re using a bearing puller then insert the tip of it into the bearing to hook the bearing’s edge and just pull the bearing out of the wheel quickly.

Repeat the Same Steps with Other Bearings

Once the bearings pop out of the wheel, you have completed the process. However, you have to repeat the same process for each of the bearings that you intend to remove. Many companies have designed skate tools for making the whole removal process as easy as possible. You can use either one of them for removing the bearings. If you aim to reuse the bearings and are not quite sure of your ability to hold down your force while removing the bearings then it is recommended that you visit a skateboard shop and ask for help.

As we have already discussed that the mail need of the removal of skateboard bearings arises due to unwanted noise or disturbance in riding on the skateboard, in such cases, you can either clean or completely remove the bearings. Many online and offline shops offer new bearings for skateboards, therefore you can buy bearings on your own and attach them back to your skateboard. Once again, you would not want to damage your bearings by prying them with a lot of force. It is advisable that you change bearings of all the wheels together at a time instead of doing it one by one at inconsistent time intervals. However, if you just want to fix a singular damaged wheel, go ahead with the process without removing bearings of other wheels. Also, bearings come at different tolerances of toughness called ABEC (3, 5, 7) so make sure all your bearings are the same type, otherwise your wheels won’t really spin at the same speed and you will feel dragging to either left or right.