Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels Review

Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels Review

Looking out for a perfect skateboard ride? Look no further as Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels are here to serve you well and achieve the right kind of experience. These wheels measure 60 millimeters and contain 78A durometer hardness. The durability of the wheels is certainly on the higher side and good enough to stay with you for a while. All things considered, if you need skateboard wheels to take your skateboarding experience to the next level, then this set of four wheels is going to give you everything that you want at an affordable price rate. And if you are wondering about the name – they were manufactured in California, which is yet another quality stamp on them.

Whether you are riding on flat or uneven surfaces containing dirt, water, grass, cobblestones or any other rough terrain, these California Rolls are never going to let you feel disappointed with your purchase.

Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels Overview and Features

They are sine-wave shaped skateboard wheels that can smoothly ride over all types of terrains without providing any hindrance regardless of the terrain or the climate. They also offer better slide control to skaters.

Surprisingly, these wheels look square when they are rolling, all thanks to its semi-sphere and semi-cube build that gives it the effect as mentioned earlier. The wheels are 60mm wheels which put them on the “big” side of the wheel size specter. It perfectly fits in cruisers and pennies without degrading your performance. The product comes in six different colors including the likes of white, green, red, orange and blue. They are an ideal option for cruising regardless of the surface.

Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels Pros and Cons

Shark Wheel California Roll Pros: These wheels are designed to provide you a better grip while riding. Thus, stability is never going to be a point of concern. Moreover, the rolls are good for both cruising and carving making them an overall great and flexible product. The main goal of most skaters is to be able to ride along without getting pebbles stuck under his board throwing them on the ground, or actually just having a nice bumpless ride. Knowing what the customer wants, The guys over at Shark Wheel California have designed those just for that.

Everyone loves speed, don’t they? However, very few are able to achieve better speeds due to the lack of stability and sturdiness coming from their wheels. That’s not the case here. Go as fast as you can, these things will keep you on the road. Their ability to stay stable and ride on rough terrains makes it an ideal choice for outdoor activities like hill sloping and others.

Cons: Even though we have sentenced these wheels to be in the affordable category, some people might think that Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels are a bit pricey. Though, considering the features and the reliability that the wheels offer, the price looks nothing but a number distracting the customers with thoughts about their budget. People never consider that such wheels might cost a bit more, but in the long run save them money by not needing to be changed every year or so. In addition to this, some people might not explicitly like the looks of the wheels. There have been certain cases where adults have termed these California wheels as a baby’s toy. Though, that totally does not matter as the experience which these wheels provide is on an entirely different level.

Are These Wheels Worth A Try?

Definitely. They work like magic on skateboards and longboards giving you a feeling that they can spin like crazy forever. You can either use these California sharks on a cruiser or your penny, heck even a regular street skateboard. Alongside the riding part, you can also perform several freeride tricks using the product. No other wheel in the market carries the speed, comfort level and grip like these. Even if you have pebbles in front of you blocking your path, these little beasts will go through them as if there was nothing there.

Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels offer the desirable balance between all the three necessary attributes that play a significant role in skateboard rides – speed, comfort, and grip. Many scientific tests were performed on these wheels to make sure that they had right durability and stability. With this kind of features, we see no reason why you should you look any further.

Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels Conclusion and Rating

If you are on a lookout for finding a convenient and smooth skateboard ride even on rough terrains, then Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels are the perfect match for you. No matter what the terrain is, no matter what the climate is, whether it is a rough terrain or a rainy day, or a regular hot day asphalt road, nothing can distort your experience using these wheels. They offer the perfect blend of speed, durability, and grip to skateboarders that give it a considerable advantage over other skateboard wheels in the market. At this rate, with this kind of features and color options, Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels is definitely an option you shouldn’t overlook.

Consumers who bought this product gave it a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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