Skateboards, RockBirds 31” Complete Pro Skateboard Review

Skateboards RockBirds 31 Complete Pro Skateboard Review

Nothing in this world can come close to the skateboarding wave that is running among the younger generations. Skateboarding is spreading like a religion in the entire world with teens owning the streets with their tricks everywhere in the world. In this craze, we have seen a lot of companies manufacturing ready-to-use skateboards for the everyday people. Among these companies, we have, RockBirds that Is receiving a great response from all over the world because of its impressive ideas. That company creates whole skateboards leaving you with nothing to worry about. No need of picking trucks, decks, wheels, grip tapes, etc. These guys got you covered!

Skateboards, RockBirds 31” Complete Pro Skateboard is characterized with being extremely durable making it one of the best-suited skateboards for long distance riding. The complete set is available at a reasonable rate making it a product that offers great value for money. To be honest, after performing several tests on the board, we feel like it is actually worth even more than its price tag.

Skateboards, RockBirds 31” Complete Pro Skateboard Overview and Features

It is a very durable seven layered Canadian maple deck that is outlined to last for a long time. It has certain features such as the waterproof surface that will prevent water to degrade your experience. It also packs a highly dense emery non-slip surface that adds friction to the board, in turn, reducing chances of slipping or falling from the board. The bearings of the skateboard are made up of stainless steel ABEC 7 whereas the 5-inch trucks are made from aluminum.

Skateboards, RockBirds 31” Complete Pro Skateboard can handle maximum weight up to 280kg which is good enough for a skateboard. Also, it has four PU (Polyurethane) wheels that are made with high-quality PU. The high-quality 53mm wheels have impact resistant material base as well. The whole package of this skateboard includes a wrench, a skateboard bag and professional customer service alongside the Rockbirds skateboard. The accessories that come with the skateboard are handy and add additional value to the product. Moreover, in combination with all of these features, the stylish design of the skateboard makes it a must-have product. The graphics present on the skateboard are eye-catching, and a skateboarder would love to ride it.

Skateboards, RockBirds 31” Complete Pro Skateboard Pros and Cons

Skateboards, RockBirds 31'' Complete Pro SkateboardPros: It is a very durable product that can easily withstand long rides. It has a fashionable design that is going to make you want to use it now and then for both enjoying and showing off purpose. After all, who would not want to show this kind of board to their friends?

Not only it’s durable and has a slick design but also packs other features such as its impervious surface which is also highly slip-proof.  All this allows riders to have a feeling of safety with them while riding this skate set.

The skateboard’s deck is made up of 7 layers Canadian maple giving it a natural feel. It has a strong deck that allows riders to freely go out on a ride and perform any tricks they want. The stability provided by the components of the skateboard is appreciative as well.

The skateboard can handle maximum weight up to 280 kg which is huge considering on average skaters weight around 70 kilos. The skateboard deck comes pre-assembled allowing you to stay out of these troubles.

Cons: We have found no significant con in the product besides maybe that it will not cater to any professional skaters’ needs. It gets a green check in all the departments. The design, the features and everything related to this skateboard is on the right side of things. Thus, you can rely on this board for having a simply amazing skating experience every time you take it for a ride.

Is This Skateboard Worth A Try?

Even having doubts over the quality of this skate is a pure sin. The manufacturers have made sure to impress the customers with all these amazing features and furthermore make your life easier by assembling a full skateboard and even adding extra accessories! For people looking out to buy a high-quality skateboard at a cheaper rate, just rely on this board to curb your requirements. The skateboard has a stylish feel to it which gives the youth a perfect chance to show off their fashion trends sense in the best possible way.

Almost everyone going back to the place where they bought it from has something positive to say about it.  Until now, we have not received a single complaint against the product. The price tag of the product is also fairly reasonable. Adding all the extras you are getting, it turns out that you are actually paying less than its normal value should be. No matter if you are a child or an adult, you are going to love every bit of this skateboard for sure. Also, in this range, you won’t find anything better than this, so you might as well stick with this choice.

Skateboards, RockBirds 31” Pro Complete Skateboard Conclusion and Rating

It is one of the best skateboards available on the market. For people who are on a lookout for the best board for their use, Skateboards, RockBirds 31” Pro Complete Skateboard is going to be one of the top contenders on their list for sure. It is a seven-layer Canadian maple deck that is highly durable and is specifically designed to stand the test of time. All this amounts to simply coming up with the conclusion that this skateboard set is the best item your money can buy for this price. No world in which you will regret this purchase exists.

Consumers who bought this product gave it a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars.

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Skateboards, RockBirds 31'' Pro Complete Skateboard
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